Abdoulaye Announces 2013 Trip to Guinea

Abdoulaye is announcing this 2013 trip to Guinea will be January 6-20, 2013.  This exciting cultural immersion program will have you dancing and/or drumming daily with personalized instruction, enjoying the beauty of the beautiful fishing village in Boffa, swimming in secluded coves on the tropical island of Fotoba (Abdoulaye’s birthplace) and relaxing on the beautiful beach in Bel Air.  Watch ballet rehearsals, check out local clubs, shop in the market place. Experience  the vital role traditional music and dance still play in daily life. Make new friends.  Learn some Susu. Delicious cuisine will be prepared by members of Abdoulaye’s family.  Learn more at http://oneworldartsexchange.com/trips-and-tours/ .

Bel Air

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